On MLK Day, Volunteers Start Work of Reopening School Library

We were grateful to welcome over 40 volunteers to our day of service this Monday, January 18.

One group of 20 worked with us on a brand new project at Julia deBurgos Bilingual Elementary School, at 4th and Lehigh. Inspired by Friends who reopened the Kelly library in Germantown, Historic Fair Hill has set a goal of reopening the school library closed since 2010.

Principal Hernandez brought three boys who worked hard all morning sorting books. Assistant Principal Nunez brought his father who steam-cleaned the rugs. Teachers came to pitch in as did a mother who is also a school librarian in Abington. Volunteers put spine labels on books and keyed in titles of read aloud and classrooms sets so that teachers will know what they have.

Library organizer Jessica Kahn will lead the effort to collect 8,000 high quality books from libraries, schools, and sales; enter them into the library system; and make them available to students and teachers.

Friends and volunteers are welcome to collect books and come in to help. Contact us for more information!

Meredith Hutcheson

Meredith joined the Historic Fair Hill team in late 2015. She's been creating content and media since 2008. Strengthening communities both online and off is her passion.

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  1. January 20, 2016

    […] others worked indoors on our new library project at the Julia de Burgos Elementary School, 25 volunteers spent their Martin Luther King Day working […]

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