John Hartranft School Partnership in action – Library now open!

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The second HFH partnership school library has opened in Fairhill at the John Hartranft School.
The school has been preparing for several years, and now library coordinator Ciaracita Vargas reads aloud to 300 students each week and students have begun to check out books. HFH volunteer Jean Hurd does book ordering and Peter Warrington delivers high quality used books to send home for At Home libraries.
Reading scores have steadily risen at Julia deBurgos for K-3 grade in the three years of the HFH school partnership. On the PSSA Reading tests, the percentage of 3rd graders scoring proficient increased from 35% in   2016 to 55% in 2018. Early literacy is a big push in the school district and all the extra effort by students, teachers, specialists, and partners is showing results.
The deBurgos School library in its 4th year is fulfilling a principal’s dream of a cultural center for reading and literacy. When children are excited about books, talking about and sharing books,
they become better readers and the world opens up for them.
 “Author event at the JDB Library.” “Author event at the JDB Library.”

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