Women's Rights - 170 Years on from the Seneca Falls Convention
Today marks 170 years since the Seneca Falls Convention, an event organized by HFH's own Lucretia Mott, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. At the convention, women
Annual Report 2018
With thanks to all of our friends and supporters for a stellar year.


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What's happening in Fair Hill - Spring 2018
Spring is in full swing at Fair Hill! Check out some happenings from around the neighborhood.
In the gardens:
The little peas survived the snow and are pushing up out
Lucretia Mott's Birthday is Wednesday, January 3
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School partnership for Literacy at Julia deBurgos - year 3
Thanks to our wonderful funders, we are buying NEW BOOKS that the children request.
When a 5th grader asks and the books are out four weeks running, Jean Hurd
Annual Appeal 2017
Dear Friends of Historic Fair Hill,

With your help, we are sharing the historic site and working with partners to increase health and literacy in our struggling city neighborhood.

This year in
Fall at Historic Fairhill
The gardens are mostly finished and school children are visiting for
nature and history field trips.

Join us for Tree Tenders tree planting on Saturday, Nov 18.  With our neighbors,
The Annual Boathouse Party is THIS Sunday!
We are so excited for the Annual Boathouse Party, happening this Sunday, September 24, from 5pm to 8pm at 7 Boathouse Row in Philadelphia,

This year, we're switching things
Summer Festival 2017 - Recap
Over 250 Friends and Neighbors came in the gates for the July Summer Festival. Faheem the snake man had lines of people eager to hold his pet boa constrictor Lucy.  The two little ponies and
The Annual Report 2017 is here!
Every year, we review our financial and program goals.  We recently completed our Annual Report for 2017, and it is available for download on our website!

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Historic Fair Hill is a community space and historic burial ground located in the heart of North Philadelphia. It is the final resting place of brave, pioneering men and women who fought for freedom, civil rights, and equality for all human beings. Today we cultivate this space for a new generation of inquisitive minds, active hands, and generous hearts.

Roasting marshmallows at a community bonfireSack races at Summerfest
As a gathering space, we host bonfires, family-friendly parties, star-gazing nights, and more.
A young boy watering in our urban gardenHistoric Fair Hill gardeners
As an urban garden, we teach young people the joy of growing food, and share our harvests with our neighbors.
A group of children circle one of the large old trees on the grounds A young girl holds up a book she picked from the Little Free Library
As an educational center, we host science, nature, and history field trips.
Reading together at a local schoolPlanting trees in the neighborhood
As a community partner, we organize a literacy program in local schools, a neighborhood youth group, a tree-planting initiative, and an activity group for families of the incarcerated.