Boathouse Party 2016, in Review

The annual Boathouse Party for HFH is one of our favorite events.

It gives us a chance to gather with friends in celebration of the things that we have accomplished this year, through our gardening and literacy programs.  It reminds us of the work that we have yet to do, and gives us a starting point with which to focus.

Our speaker, Emma Lapsansky-Werner, spoke about the importance of place.  She asked for us to meditate on what brought us all to Fair Hill.

“…as the bible says, in Luke, ‘Sometimes, the stones cry out’.”

Whether we are a neighbor, a community member, a friend, a staff member, a board member- we all believe that this neighborhood is special, and that we are called in service to preserve this green space in the memory of the important women’s rights activists and abolitionists that lay at rest inside of our gates.

We thank you for your support as we round out the year.  We are excited for what is to come, and hope that you will join us for many more events and gatherings.








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