School partnership for Literacy at Julia deBurgos – year 3

Thanks to our wonderful funders, we are buying NEW BOOKS that the children request.

When a 5th grader asks and the books are out four weeks running, Jean Hurd orders copies from Amazon. She no sooner barcodes than the books are snapped up by waiting students. Nearly all of the classrooms have learned to navigate the library, use the computer catalog, and find interesting books.  The library is a happy place.

Hartranft School re-opens their library

Another partner school, Hartranft, recently honored Jessica Kahn for organizing their library after she finished deBurgos. HFH delivers books collected in the annual Book Drive to Hartranft and to Cramp Elementary, the next Fairhill school to reopen a library where Jessica will start in January.

Grand reopening of the Free Library on Lehigh Ave.

The Marrero children’s librarian visited deBurgos classes and now the students walk to the city library for a read aloud. The school library and City library have become close partners. The Free Library will soon take over the Parent ESL class at deBurgos school one of three satellite ESL classes for the neighborhood.

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