Family Engagement

“Parents’ love of their children is the greatest untapped natural resource in education.” Alejandro Guc

Family engagement is essential for students’ success in reading and school, but many Fairhill parents don’t have the experience or English to read with their kids. HFH raises funds for the JDB summer reading clinic to prevent the “summer slide”, and also for school year parent workshops that train parents to be at-home reading coaches. 

“I am grateful for my teacher and the babysitter so I can learn English.” Hudy

HFH hires bilingual school parents to be classroom assistants in kindergarten -third grade classrooms. The parent assistants give consistent, skillful, caring support to the students and teachers and reduce the ratio from 30:1 to 15:1.

“My parent assistant is so helpful to me, I just can’t imagine doing this job without her. “Mary Paul,1st grade teacher

The parent assistants translate for parent/ teacher conferences and speak daily to classroom parents in Spanish, explaining the homework, urging them to help their students at home.

“Last year, 7 of our 27 parents came to conferences. This year, 21 of 30 parents came to conferences.” We talk to them. We encourage them.”Angie Voulasitis, Assistant in 1st grade.

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