The Fairhill Burial Ground has been certified as a Level 1 Arboretum by ArbNet, an international arboretum accreditation and networking program. 

Our Arboretum is made up of 144 trees, including 51 different species, growing in our five acre site. We have some beautiful old deciduous trees including some species that, because of our isolation,  have survived common diseases. An example is our huge American Elm which has survived the destruction of Elms through the pervasive Dutch Elm disease. Our Arboretum marks one of the only remaining sections of green space and tree canopy in the Fairhill section of Philadelphia. The area surrounding Historic Fair Hill suffers from extreme heat island effect and our tree canopy provides a small bit of neighborhood relief.

IDCommon nameLatin NameCircumference Status
AC-1Shadblow ServiceberryAmelanchier CanadencisMS 11′ 2″Mature
AC-2Shadblow Serviceberry Amelanchier Canadencis1′ 5″Mature
AC-3Shadblow Serviceberry Amelanchier CanadencisMSMature 
AP-1Ohio BuckeyeAesculus Pavia1’1″Adolescent
APM-1Japanese MapleAcer PalmatumMS 1′ 8″Post Mature
APS-1Sycamore MapleAcer Pseudoplatanus2xT 5′ 4″- 3′ 5″Mature
AR-1Red MapleAcer Rubrum11′ 9″Post Mature
AR-2Red MapleAcer Rubrum9′ 2″Mature 
AR-3Red MapleAcer Rubrum11″Young
AS-1Silver MapleAcer Saccaharium5’1″Mature 
AS-2Silver MapleAcer Saccaharium3′ 9″Mature
AT-1Paw PawAsimina Triloba2xT 2′Mature
AT-2Paw PawAsimina Triloba3xT 6′ 8″Mature
AT-3Paw PawAsimina TrilobaN/AYoung
AT-4Paw PawAsimina TrilobaN/AYoung
AT-5Paw PawAsimina TrilobaN/AYoung
AT-6Paw PawAsimina TrilobaN/AYoung
AXGAutumn Brilliance Serviceberry (Tree Form)Amilanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’1′ 6″Adolescent
AXGAutumn Brilliance Serviceberry (Tree Form)Amilanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance1′ 10″Adolescent
AXGAutumn Brilliance Serviceberry (Tree Form)Amilanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance1′ 9″Adolescent
BN-1River birchBetula NigraMS3 10′ 5″Adolescent 
CAS-1American Chestnut Castanea Dentata2xT 2′ 6″ 3′ 6″Mature
CAS-2American Chestnut “Dustan”Castanea Dentata 6″Young
CAS-3American Chestnut “Dustan”Castanea Dentata 6″Young 
CAS-4American Chestnut Castanea Dentata N/AYoung
CAS-5American Chestnut Castanea Dentata N/AYoung
CAT-1Northern CatalpaCatalpa Speciosa11′ 2″Post mature
CAT-1Northern CatalpaCatalpa Speciosa11′ 2″Post mature
CC-1Eastern Red BudCercis CanadensisMS 3′Young
CC-2Eastern Red BudCercis Canadensis1′ 2″Young
CC-3Eastern Red BudCercis Canadensis3′ 3″Mature
CC-4Eastern Red BudCercis Canadensis2xT 4′ 1″Mature
CC-5Eastern Red Bud “Alba”Cercis Canadensis (Alba)N/AYoung 
CC-6Eastern Red Bud “Neon Red”Cercis Canadensis N/AYoung
CF-1Flowering Dogwood Cornus Florida2xT 3′ 4″- 2′ 11″Mature
CF-3Flowering Dogwood Cornus Florida2′ 8″In decline 
CF-4Flowering Dogwood Cornus Florida3′ 9″Post mature 
CF-5Flowering Dogwood Cornus Florida2′ 9″Post Mature
CF-6Flowering Dogwood Cornus Florida1′ 7″Adolescent 
CF-7Flowering Dogwood Cornus Florida2xT 8′ – 7′Mature
CK-1Asian DogwoodCornus KousaN/AYoung
CK-2Asian Dogwood Cornus KousaN/AYoung
CK-3Asian Dogwood Cornus KousaN/AYoung
CLA-1American YellowoodCladistis Kentukea4’11”Mature
CLA-2American YellowoodCladistis Kentukea3′Mature 
CM-1Cornelian CherryCornus MasMS 11′ 10″Mature
CO-1Hackberry TreeCeltis Occidentalis2xT 6′Mature
CS-1HawthornCrataegus SpeciesMS 6′Mature
CS-2HawthornCrataegus SpeciesMS 8′Mature 
DK-1Oriental PersimonDiospyrus KakiMature
DK-2Oriental Persimon(jiro)Diospyrus jiro Mature 
FC-1FigFicus CaricaClump MSMature
FS-1AshFraxinus Species11′ 9″In decline
GBI-1 (F) (Fast)Ginko Ginko Biloba7′ 3″Mature
GBI-2 (F) (Fast)Ginko Ginko Biloba13′ 6″Mature
GBI-3 (M) (Fast)Ginko Ginko Biloba9′ 9″Mature
GBI-5 (F)Ginko Ginko Biloba6′ 10″Marture
GD-1Kentucky Coffee TreeGymnocladus Dioica1′ 10″Adolescent 
GT-1Thornless Common HoneylocustGleditsia Triacanthos Var. Inermis3′ 10″Mature
JN-1Black WalnutJuglans Nigra9′ 1″Mature
LDT-1Tulip PoplarLiriodendron Tulipifera9′ 10″Post Mature
LDT-2Tulip PoplarLiriodendron Tulipifera5′ 9″Mature
LDT-3Tulip Poplar “little Volunteer “Liriodendron Tulipifera4″Adolescent 
LDT-4Tulip Poplar “little Volunteer Liriodendron Tulipifera4″Adolescent 
MG-1Dawn RedwoodMetasequoia3′ 3″Mature 
MG-2Dawn RedwoodMetasequoia10″Mature 
MGR-1Southern MagnoliaMagnolia Grandiflora 4′ 3″Mature 
PC-1Common PearPyrus Comunis5′In decline
MS-1Flowerin Crabapple MalusMS 12′ 6″Post Mature
MS-2Flowerin Crabapple Malus5′ 3″Post Mature
MS-3Flowerin Crabapple Malus10″Young
MS-4Flowerin Crabapple “Pink Sparkles”Malus6″Mature
MS-5Flowering Crabapple Malus5′ 8″Mature
MS-6Flowering Crabapple Malus7″Young
MST-1Star MagnoliaMagnolia StellataMS 7′Adolescent 
MST-2Star Magnolia Magnolia StellataMS 13′ 6″Post Mature 
MXS-1Saucer Magnolia Magnolia x SoulangianaMS 2′ 8″ – 2′ 8″Mature
MXS-3Saucer MagnoliaMagnolia x SoulangianaMS 10′Mature
MXS-3Saucer MagnoliaMagnolia x SoulangianaClumpPost Mature 
PA-1Cherry TreePrunus Avium6′ 8″Adolescent
PA-2Cherry TreePrunus Avium10′ 2″Adolescent
PAF-1London PlanePlantanus Acerifolia5′Mature
PAF-2London PlanePlantanus Acerifolia4′ 9″Mature
PAR-1Armenian PlumPrunus Armeniaca “montrose”MS 10′Adolescent
PAR-2Armenian PlumPrunus Armeniaca “montrose”MS 10′Adolescent
PN-1Black PinePinus Nigra5′ 3″In decline 
PO-1SycamorePlantanus Occidentalis1′ 11″Adolescent 
PO-2Sycamore Plantanus Occidentalis11′ 2″Post Mature
PO-3SycamorePlantanus Occidentalis8′ 8″Post Mature 
PO-4SycamorePlantanus Occidentalis9′ 11″Post Mature
PO-5SycamorePlantanus Occidentalis10″Young
PO-6SycamorePlantanus Occidentalis4′ 9″Mature 
PO-7Sycamore Plantanus Occidentalis4′ 10″Mature
PRP-1Nectarine Prunus PersicaMS 7′ 4″Mature
PRP-2PeachPrunus PersicaMS 10′ 7″Mature 
PRP-3PeachPrunus PersicaMS 7′Mature
PRP-4PeachPrunus PersicaMature
PRP-5PeachPrunus Persica1″ 5″Young
PS-1Eastern White PinePinus Strobus5′ 2″Mature
PS-2Eastern White PinePinus Strobus7′ 6″Mature
PS-3Eastern White PinePinus Strobus“2xT 8′ 5″””Mature
PS-4Eastern White PinePinus Strobus9′ 1″Post Mature
PSK-1Kwanzan CherryPrunus Serrulata “kwanzan”MS 9′ 8″Mature
PSK-2Kwanzan CherryPrunus Serrulata “kwanzan”9″ – 9′ 5″Adolescent 
MO-1Black Mulberry MorusMS 3′ 2″Mature
PSR-1Black Cherry Prunus SerotinaMS 2′ 9″- 1′ 10″Adolescent
PSR-2Black CherryPrunus Serotina6′ 10″Mature 
PSR-3Black CherryPrunus Serotina5′ 10″In Decline 
PSR-4Black CherryPrunus Serotina2xT 5′ 9″-8′In Decline
PSR-5Black CherryPrunus Serotina11′ 5″Post Mature 
PSR-6Black CherryPrunus SerotinaMS 12′-7′Young
PSR-7Black CherryPrunus SerotinaMS 5′ 10″Young
PSR-8 Cherry “Pink Flair”Prunus Sargentii6Mature 
PSR-9Black CherryPrunus Serotina2′ 3″Mature 
PSR-10Black CherryPrunus Serotina2′ Young
PYS-1Fruiting PearPyrus Species?8″Young
PYS-2Fruiting PearPyrus Species?7″Mature 
PYS-3 Shinsui PearPyrus Pyrifolia7″Young
QA-1White OakQuercus Alba2xT 1′ 2″Adolescent 
QA-2White OakQuercus Alba18′ 8″Post Mature 
QA-3White OakQuercus Alba7′ 7″In Decline 
QA-4White OakQuercus Alba3′ 9″Mature 
QA-5White Oak (salem oak)Quercus AlbaN/AYoung
QA-6 White OakQuercus Alba8′ 5″Mature
QB-1Swamp White OakQuercus Bicolor 2′ 7″Adolescent 
QB-2Swamp White OakQuercus Bicolor 2′ 2″Mature
QB-3Swamp White OakQuercus Bicolor 1′Adolescent 
QB-4Swamp White Oak x Post OakQuercus Bicolor x Quercus Stilata3′ 8″Adolescent 
QC-1Scarlet OakQuercus Coccinea8′ 9″Post Mature
QCM-1Swamp White Chestnut OakQuercus Michauxii3′ 7″Mature
QCM-2Swamp White Chestnut Oak Quercus Michauxii2′ 2″Mature
QL-1White oak/hybrid Quercus Species 1′ 7″Adolescent 
QL-2White oak/hybrid Quercus Species 3″Young
QM-1Burr OakQuercus Macrocarpa2′Adolescent 
QM-2Burr Oak/ comfirm acorn possible montanaQuercus Macrocarpa2′In Decline
QMO-1Chestnut OakQuercus Montana2′ 8″Mature 
QPL-1Pin OakQuercus Palustris9′ 1″Post Mature
QPL-2Pin OakQuercus Palustris12′ 8″In Decline
QPL-3Pin OakQuercus Palustris5′ 8″Post Mature 
QPL-5Pin OakQuercus Palustris10′ 2″In decline 
QPL-7Pin OakQuercus Palustris10′ 5″In Decline 
QPL-8Pin OakQuercus Palustris 13′ 3″Post Mature 
QR-2Red OakQuerus Rubra7′Post Mature 
QRO-1English OakQuercus Robur 2′ 10″Adolescent 
QRO-2English OakQuercus Robur1′ 7″Adolescent 
QS-2Oak species unknown Quercus Species 6′ 10″In-decline
QS-3White Oak species unknown Quercus Species 2′ 5″- 11″Young
QRX-1Oak Hybrid Quercus Rubra x11′ 7″Post Mature 
QRXP-1Red Oak x Pin Oak hybridQuercus rubra x Palustris12′ 4″Post mature
QV-2Black OakQuercus Velutina3′ 6″In Decline 
QV-3Black OakQuercus Velutina7′ 9″Mature
QV-4Black OakQuercus Velutina2′ 5″In Decline
RP-2Black LocustRobinia Pseudoacacia4′In Decline
RP-3Black LocustRobinia Pseudoacacia11″In Decline
RP-4Black LocustRobinia Pseudoacacia2xT 5′ – 4′ 11″In Decline
RP-5Black LocustRobinia PseudoacaciaPost Mature 
RP-6Black LocustRobinia Pseudoacacia6′Post Mature 
RP-7Black LocustRobinia PseudoacaciaMS 6″Post Mature 
TA-1LindenTilia Americana11′ 9″Post Mature 
TC-2Little leaf LindenTilia Cordata1′ 11″Young 
TD-1Bald Cypress Taxodium Distichum7′ 8″Post Mature 
TD-2Bald Cypress Taxodium DistichumN/AYoung
TP-1Western Red Cedar (Green Giant)Thuja Plicata2″Adolescent 
TSC-1Eastern Hemlock Tsuga Canadensis1′ 7″Young
UA-2American ElmUlmus Americana5′ 3″Mature 
UA-5American ElmUlmus Armericana12′Post Mature 
VI-1Viburnum (shrub)Viburnum Multiples trunks
ZS-1ZelkovaZelkova Serrata5′Mature 
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