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Aminda Kirshenbaum joined us as a Youth Leader in the summer of 2021. Since then, this busy Temple student has helped us to launch our Family Fun Days, which serves our neighbors every weekend. Aminda has helped to create a fun and loving space that kids are excited to return to again and again.

What does your typical Saturday look like at the burial ground? 

A typical Saturday consists of kids playing with the different activities we have running that day. They usually play with chalk and badminton, which is always a favorite. Other kids get the shovel and gloves to play in the digging area. They love to show their findings at the burial ground, such as mushrooms, worms, and flowers.  I hope to continue bringing more activities for children and provide them with a safe place to play. I hope we can let more families and children know about Fairhill so they can enjoy the place.

Why do you think outdoor education is important? 

Outdoor education and play are essential for children because it helps with their imagination, exploration, and appreciation of the environment. When kids are at the burial ground, they are curious about the different trees and animals. They get to ask questions and learn about them. In my childhood, I had the opportunity to play outside and had people encourage me to be interested in nature. Now that I work with children, I hope to provide them with a place to play and love the outdoors. 

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

I enjoy seeing the kids return to the grounds and tell me about their week and what they are learning in school. I also like kicking the ball around with them, looking at the flowers, and searching for the hawk. As Penny Whitehouse says, “They’re not just playing in nature, they are: learning, creating, sensing, believing, relaxing, exploring, observing, wondering, connecting, discovering, understanding, experimenting”.

What is your favorite thing about Fairhill? 

My favorite thing is being outside and being surrounded by the greenery. It’s a pocket of peace and it’s amazing that there’s a place like this in the city.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I most enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. I also love hiking and being outdoors. Currently, I am studying history and education at Temple University. History is an amazing field where learning about our past is essential to our understanding of our current surroundings. Minoring in education has taught me the importance of green space in an urban setting. Our environment impacts all of us, especially kids and which is why HFH has an amazing mission. In the future, I hope to continue my education so I can be the best teacher for kids. 

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